Wright Facilities Limited operate throughout London and the South East

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About Us…

What we do

Just a few examples of what makes us different…

•  100% paperless system; able to raise issues  via your easy-access web-     page, forewarning the engineer and enabling issues to be resolved on       your next maintenance without repeat visits.

•  Full H&S documentation

•  We will be with you a minimum time monthly, clearly stated within our PPM.

•  No minimum call-out  fee

•  In the event of a call-out, we’ll be with you within four hours  or have a specialist who will be

How we do it


We believe in utilising the latest tools to give you what we believe is a unique and outstanding service, we operate a paperless system, not only does this benefit the environment, its enables you; our client to have at your fingertips, the annual service certificates for your mechanical and electrical plant, and our signed maintenance visit sheet completed whilst with you earlier in the day via our engineers tablets.

Your page will also have your Planned Preventative Maintenance Manual for you to view, showing in greater detail what we do and the items we maintain in particular months. It will also detail our proposed visit dates for the year ahead enabling you to reschedule any that may prove inconvenient, it will also highlight in which month you mechanical and electrical plant can expect its annual service and many other things.

We are completely up-front and honest, you can expect us to be with you a minimum amount of time monthly; the time it takes to complete your maintenance thoroughly and completely and to keep to our planned visit dates. If you call us and we are local for something that’s easily solved, we wont charge you.

Dukes Court, Woking